Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Software developers: your keygen has arrived

Babbage Technologies is proud to announce that Licensing Outfitters -- our answer to the expensive, vendor-locked-in alternatives to licensing schemes for your software -- is now available.

Licensing Outfitters provides you with the tools you need to generate and validate license keys for your customers. Offer demo licenses. Create tiered versions of your software. Wrestle ownership of your software licensing -- or finally gain the confidence to start selling your product without relying upon donations or goodwill.

You can also stay up-to-date with the Licensing Outfitters Blog where we discuss design, offer code snippets, and pontificate on miscellaneous licensing topics.

Your own unique licensing scheme starts at a mere $200 -- one tenth the cost of other providers of licensing software. But more importantly, we give you unrestricted source code for your algorithm. You own it completely, never having to pay an annual license fee to us.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

RenPrinters 3.1 has been released

RenPrinters 3 is a service for Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012 that will rename printers installed by Terminal Service / Remote Desktop clients.
When a Remote Desktop Client logs in to the server their printer is installed on the system in a format similar to the following (depending on your language):

Server 2003 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (from client) in session 10
Server 2008 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (10)
Server 2008 R2 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (redirected 10)
Server 2012 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (redirected 10)

Every time a client logs in to the Terminal Server the Session number in the printer name will change. This causes a problem in some programs that require the printer name to remain exactly the same. Or you just may need a differrent / shorter naming format than what Windows provides.
The RenPrinters service will rename printers when Terminal Service / Remote Desktop Clients connect to the server. Renaming the above printer example to:

HP LaserJet 5 from Client

RenPrinters Flexibility:
  • Change Printer Name Format - RenPrinters supports multiple naming formats, ie: %username% - %printername%, %printername% From %hostname% etc.
  • Ignore Printers by Driver - RenPrinters will ignore printers that use drivers that you select.
  • Duplicate Printer Handling - Append text to the name of the duplicate printers found or delete the older one.
  • Only Rename Printers Using the TS Port - RenPrinters can ignore local printers and only rename those connected in through a Remote Desktop session.
  • Strip all Parenthesis - Strip all Parenthesis from printer names.
  • More Printer Name Variables - You can now use more than two variables in the printer name. Example: %printername% - %username% - %clientname%
  • Use Client Name - You now have the ability to use the client hostname / clientname in your printer naming scheme.
  • Regular Expressions - RenPrinters will now allow you to use Regular Expressions to define what printer names you would like to rename.

Regular Expression Examples:
Default Session Printer Name
Regular Expression Used
HP Laserjet 4 (On User1) in session 12
in [Ss]ession [0-9]+
HP Laserjet 4 (redirected 12)
\(redirected [0-9]+\)
HP Laserjet 4 (von User) in Sitzung: 12
in Sitzung: [0-9]+
HP Laserjet 4 (umgeleitet 12)
\(umgeleitet [0-9]+\)
HP Laserjet 4 (redirigé 12)
\(redirigé [0-9]+\)

Printer Name Format Examples:
Default Session Printer Name
Printer Name Format
HP Laserjet 4 (On User1) in session 12
%printername% On %username%
HP Laserjet 4 On User1
HP Laserjet 4 (On User1) in session 12
%printername% - %username% - %clientname%
HP Laserjet 4 - User1 - Owner-PC