Thursday, March 21, 2013

RenPrinters 3.1 has been released

RenPrinters 3 is a service for Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012 that will rename printers installed by Terminal Service / Remote Desktop clients.
When a Remote Desktop Client logs in to the server their printer is installed on the system in a format similar to the following (depending on your language):

Server 2003 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (from client) in session 10
Server 2008 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (10)
Server 2008 R2 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (redirected 10)
Server 2012 Example: HP LaserJet 5 (redirected 10)

Every time a client logs in to the Terminal Server the Session number in the printer name will change. This causes a problem in some programs that require the printer name to remain exactly the same. Or you just may need a differrent / shorter naming format than what Windows provides.
The RenPrinters service will rename printers when Terminal Service / Remote Desktop Clients connect to the server. Renaming the above printer example to:

HP LaserJet 5 from Client

RenPrinters Flexibility:
  • Change Printer Name Format - RenPrinters supports multiple naming formats, ie: %username% - %printername%, %printername% From %hostname% etc.
  • Ignore Printers by Driver - RenPrinters will ignore printers that use drivers that you select.
  • Duplicate Printer Handling - Append text to the name of the duplicate printers found or delete the older one.
  • Only Rename Printers Using the TS Port - RenPrinters can ignore local printers and only rename those connected in through a Remote Desktop session.
  • Strip all Parenthesis - Strip all Parenthesis from printer names.
  • More Printer Name Variables - You can now use more than two variables in the printer name. Example: %printername% - %username% - %clientname%
  • Use Client Name - You now have the ability to use the client hostname / clientname in your printer naming scheme.
  • Regular Expressions - RenPrinters will now allow you to use Regular Expressions to define what printer names you would like to rename.

Regular Expression Examples:
Default Session Printer Name
Regular Expression Used
HP Laserjet 4 (On User1) in session 12
in [Ss]ession [0-9]+
HP Laserjet 4 (redirected 12)
\(redirected [0-9]+\)
HP Laserjet 4 (von User) in Sitzung: 12
in Sitzung: [0-9]+
HP Laserjet 4 (umgeleitet 12)
\(umgeleitet [0-9]+\)
HP Laserjet 4 (redirigé 12)
\(redirigé [0-9]+\)

Printer Name Format Examples:
Default Session Printer Name
Printer Name Format
HP Laserjet 4 (On User1) in session 12
%printername% On %username%
HP Laserjet 4 On User1
HP Laserjet 4 (On User1) in session 12
%printername% - %username% - %clientname%
HP Laserjet 4 - User1 - Owner-PC

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